TYDR Study

We are now in the beta phase. Any available study is only for testing purposes and there will be no prizes.

Study Information

TYDR offers studies that all users can participate in. Available studies are visible from TYDR main screen.

Before The Study

To signup for the studies you must ensure that:

You will be required to signup with your email address for the study. However your email address will not be linked with your data and we maintain complete anonymity.

During The Study

You must fill the PDD questionnaire daily during the study period. To help you with this you will also receive daily reminders. You are unable to see the PDD evaluation during the study period. You can also view the study progress which displays how many days are left and when you can finish the study. You can select the ‘View Study Progress’ from the sidebar:

On clicking this button you will be able to see the study progress:

During the study if you have any queries please send us an email at tydr@snet.tu-berlin.de or contact us via the feedback form.

Study Completion

Once the study period is over you must explicitly finish the study. On completing the study you will receive your participation code.

You can also find list of winners at http://dynamic.curcuma-project.net. Here we will list the participation codes of all the winners. Note that only the participation codes will be listed and not any other personal information. In case you win, we will notify you via email and you will win a prize of €50. You are responsible for any taxation that may be applicable.